Ghanashyam-pindika museum & Library  Bolagarh, khordha  is the first science and Technology based museum in Odisha and third across the nation after BM Birls’s museum in kolkata  and another established by the Karnataka Govt in Bengaluru.

At/Po: Bolgarh
Dist: Khordha
State: Odisha(India), pin-752066
Contact Phone no: 91-9178387218

Types of Institution : Registers under society Registration Act 1860 Regd No: KRD8265-36 of 2008-2009

Ghanashyam-pandika museum & Library Chef Functionary sri Akshaya kumar pattanaik

Aim : Establishment of a science based technology museum

Objective: To show people evolution of science

Executive: Akshya kumar pattanaik Secretary cum chef functionary

Museum in brief

The following sections are in the museum

i) Audio video section: Different types of film projectors, slide projectors, 200 types of radio, Tape recorders, Gramophones, Record player, Radio gram, vcp, vcd

ii) Telecommunication: Old telephones, Morse instruments (Telegram)

iii) Philatic : 2000 types of postage stamps

iv) Numismatics: 1000 types of different coins(India & Foreign), 1000 types of currency notes

v) Light section : different types of Lanternes, petromax day light

vi) Camera : 50 types of different cameras (Foreign & India)

vii) Ornaments : Gold, Silver, Brass

viii) Charakha : 8 types of different charkha’s are there

ix) Palm Leaf scripts : 50 number palm leaf scripts

x) miscellaneous : Weighing equipment, different types watches, antique masks 25 numbers, different ink pots, Kerosene operated freeze, 150 years old books

In total there are 7000 types of different antique materials have been preserved in the museum for public demonstration.