BOLGARH (ବୋଲଗଡ଼ )-The name is a version of the word “Baladurga” that means a power fort, is a country town in the khordha district of Odisha state in is at a 70 kms motor drive away west from the state capital Bhubaneswar. It is located side by the state highway No-1 alias National Highway No-224.
Although it is a country town. It has been activating as a Block head-quarter from the post independence Era and going to be a Notified Area Council. It inherits a glorious past enriched with its magnificent nature, diversified culture and tradition unified ,its unique identity in contribution to language, literature, tradition to Odisha both pre independence and post independence. Moreover, it was a part and parcel (great part/role) with its “Paika” force to the “paika mutiny” in odisha against royal anarchy at per with sepoy mutiny in india against colonial rulers. It was one of the forts of the past khordha kingdom.

surrounding nearby villages

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